Monday, July 11, 2011

Most awkward thing since white bread.

So I have this awesome boyfriend (i know i sound about ten but whatever) and we have been friends slash talk-every-day for about four years, and now its been a month and because we've known each other for ever it;s like BAM full on relationship. anyway yesterday we were hanging the whole day and he said the cutest thing, wait for it;..... "Claude it might be too early but...I think i love you a lil bit" :D

anyway we're perfect in like all those kinds of ways, except we were going to have sex (again the ten year old thing) and we're both virgins, and it did not go well. as in it didn't work.... painful etc etc stopped us so yeah...

The other more sinister benefit of having a boyfriend is i'm distracted the whole day, for instance yesterday and today i bascally have had breakfast and dinner and nothing in between, and i'm not even focussed on it, t'is lovely!

Also last part of Harry Potter tomorrow, can not even begin to exemplify how exciting it will be. Getting dressed in hogwarts skirts, blouses, ties and robes, gonna be soo hot. Casual midnight session :)

anyway must get back to the baby brother and boyfriend, thought i'd check in and much love. (ps hovering around 120 Ibs... i am such a fatty but hoping to finally crack the 115 range, just have to stop night eating)

xx Claude


  1. Aww I love LOVE! Sorry the sex wasn't working out.. I'm sure too lovelies will get the hang of it...and once you do be careful..its addicting. you think your mind is occupied with him now wait till you too have to take time out of your day to plan sex get aways and quickies lol
    just have safe sex! much love!

  2. I'm jealous! No one would dress up for Harry Potter with me, so I just wore normal clothes. :(

    The boy sounds like a sweetheart. <3